Year Zero Das 2007 veröffentlichte NIN- Album „Year Zero“ wurde in die Liste der 25. besten Rockalben der 2000er – Jahre des Onlinemagazines IGN aufgenommen. Die Aufnahme in die Liste begründete IGN wie gefolgt:

Long before he was ‚Oscar winner‘ Trent Reznor, he was ‚ass-kicker‘ Trent Reznor. From the grumbling stomp of „The Beginning Of The End“ to the breathy anguish in the tangled beats and chimes of „The Good Soldier“, this is Nine Inch Nails‘ most rewarding effort in years. The itchy, rusted sounds layered through Reznor’s manic voice on „Me, I’m Not“ and the politically charged „Capital G“, with marching vocals and gritty guitar, join with the twisted grind of „Meet Your Master“ to create an engaging album from start to finish.

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